Cool Accessories to Improve your Mobile Phone experience
Mobile Phone Accessories

Cool Accessories to Improve your Mobile Phone experience

In this technological era, mobile phones have become the core component of our life. It is cited, “Life is now impossible without technology” and this quote is not far from the reality. But in reality, these mobile phones alone aren’t that helpful in our life – their accessories (crime partners) make these electronic gadgets more exciting and assisting in our life. When it comes to opting the best accessory for your phone whether its an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy – a full hand guidance about that accessory is obligatory. So that is why, we have listed some of greatest accessories here. So, without delaying let the fun begin!

Baseus 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charger

Baseus 10W Qi Wireless Charger1
The Baseus 10W Qi Fast Wireless charger has a transparent option and is good looking as well as one of the best wireless chargers. Somehow, this accessory is rated as one of best assistant Samsung accessories. It does have a design and quality of materials that matches with Apple iPhone looks and materials. I tested the charger with a Samsung Note 9, it did not give any problem and it just works perfectly. The glass surface is really nice and large enough to accommodate any phone. Used with a pretty big screen phone that is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 it did not have any problem placing it to charge. At the bottom the charger has two rubber pads to ensure that the charger does not move from the surface where is placed, they are soft, large and of good quality. It does it so far without overheating the phone, which makes us think that is a perfect wireless charger. It is very important to note that the charger stopped when the phone reached 100% charge. Amazed with the quality and specifications and willing to buy right now? Place your order here.

Xiaomi-Mijia Waterproof Pedometer Quartz Smart Watch

Xiaomi-Mijia Waterproof Pedometer Quartz Smartwatch
Are you facing problems in getting call reminders or alerts? Ever missed any important call? Here comes the Xiaomi-Mijia Waterproof Pedometer Quartz Smart watch to deal with these things and give you VIP Call reminders, calculate and display number of steps you have taken during the day and so on. The watch comes in 3 beautiful color dials, i.e., Black, Gray and White with leather strap. The watch sports a circular design with a dial of 40mm. The mirror of the watch is fabricated from mineral coated glass which ensures rugged use of the watch without fear of damage. The watch is IP67 waterproof so you don’t have to be worried on rainy days or during outdoor activities.

Baseus 10W Qi-Wireless Charging-Pad

Baseus 10W Qi-Wireless Charging-Pad

Let your phones and Qi-enabled devices to get charged wireless with some pride. Just place your smartphone on the Baseus 10W Qi-Wireless Charging-Pad. Baseus 10W Qi-Wireless Charging-Pad is like a stand that holds your phone to charge wirelessly. Simply extraordinary wireless charger that comes with 3 coils that works perfectly for Apple iPhone and Samsung as well. It comes with perfect packaging, instructions manual and 1.2m long type-C cable. Modern Type-C cable instead of old micro USB cable ensure the fastest power delivery to charge the phone perfectly. Simply put, you will be amazed with premium quality in such economical price. Go get it now from here!

Baseus Magnetic Tempered-Glass iPhone Case

Baseus Magnetic Tempered-Glass-Case iPhone-XS-XS-Max-XR

All new and modern Baseus Magnetic Tempered-Glass Case brings more beauty and protection to your Apple iPhone XS, XS Max or XR. The magnetic metal case perfectly fits for your Apple iPhone with a 9H tempered glass to offer comprehensive protection to your phone. With built-in magnetic absorption technology, the back metal frame automatically bumps into front frame and sticks together. The case is anti-scratch, anti-crack and shock-absorbing; it means you don’t need to worry much about the safety of your iPhone. This Aluminum bumper case fits your phone. It is 0.2mm higher in the lens area to prevent lens wear and camera protection.

Baseus Hard-Plastic iPhone Case

Baseus Hard-Plastic Case iPhone XS-XS Max-XR

All new Baseus Hard-Plastic Case for Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR is the perfect accessory to add some extra attraction and beauty to your smartphone. It is made with high-quality transparent plastic to show off your iPhone perfectly. It not only adds some beauty but also protect your phone from shocks and falls. It is comfortable without scraping the hands and tightly wrap around the phone to provide all around protection to your phone. The best part about the case is; it also protects your Apple iPhone camera lens from scratches and scars. The lens part of the case is slightly convex and illuminating to provide some extra beauty and protection. Can’t wait to buy? Place your order here (You can add your link here).

Baseus Bluetooth Stereo Magnet-Earphone

Baseus Bluetooth Stereo Magnet-Earphone

Baseus Bluetooth Stereo Magnet-Earphone is very popular among racers and sportsmen. The new Baseus Magnet-Earphone neck band offers improvements in all areas at a more convenient price. One of the best accessories being used by both Samsung and Apple iPhone users, despite being a little smaller. It has retained an anti-sweat design and surprisingly excellent sound using high-quality varnished copper moving coil. Professional sound proofer and sound-reducer allows you to enjoy your music even when in a noisy environment. Bluetooth 4.1 with 8 hours call-time long lasting battery, you can enjoy your music up to 6 hours without any issue.

Baseus 3D iPhone Screen-Protector

Baseus 3D Screen-Protector iPhone-XS-XS Max-XR

Increase your user experience and enjoy the silky screen of your Apple iPhone using Baseus 3D Screen Protector. The screen protector is available for Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It fits to the screen perfectly and even the edgy part of the phone to completely cover the edge-screen display. It is scratch resistant and fingerprint resistant and the tempered glass provides some extra layer of protection to your phone. This screen protector is a 0.23mm thick tempered glass which covers the full screen and the edges. With this screen protector, your iPhone can bear shocks and falls. Three-dimensional radian edge will decrease the eye impact to blue light and the anti-blue light function effectively blocks the effect of blue light to eyes to protect your sight. Buy your Baseus 3D Screen Protector now and increase your vision experience.

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