BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp


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In the digital age of constant screen use, finding the right lighting solution for your computer desktop is crucial for eye comfort. Introducing the Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp by BlitzWolf, designed with innovative display space light source technology to enhance your computing experience.

Key Features

  1. Adjustable Color Temperature (2700-6800K): Tailor the lighting to fit various scenes, whether you’re working, reading, gaming, or relaxing. Choose from five color temperatures, ranging from cool to warm, to create the perfect ambiance for any activity.
  2. 300-1000lux, Adjustable Brightness: Say goodbye to screen reflection and eye fatigue. The adjustable brightness provides glare-free, bright, and soft light, ensuring clear visibility and comfortable viewing for extended periods.
  3. Asymmetric Forward Projection Design & Anti-Glare: The unique asymmetric light source illuminates only the desktop, not the screen, eliminating reflection and glare. Experience focused and comfortable computing, whether you’re working or relaxing.
  4. Free Anti-Blue-Light: Protect your eyes from harmful blue light and optical radiation. Ideal for students, designers, and office workers, the BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp promotes eye health during prolonged screen time.
  5. Simple Installation & Magnet Fixing Design: The space-saving design with a magnet fixing mechanism ensures effortless installation on monitors with 15-25mm thickness.
  6. Touch Control: Convenient touch controls enable easy operation. One touch for lighting on, double touch for lighting off, short press for color temperature switch, and long press for brightness adjustment.
  7. USB Powered Lamp: The lamp can be powered by any USB outlet, making it versatile for use with computers, phone chargers, or power banks. Its slim and sleek design makes it a portable companion for home, office, or travel.
  8. Memory Mode: Enjoy hassle-free lighting with the memory mode that remembers the last used brightness and color temperature, automatically restoring it when turned on.

Package Includes

  • Monitor Light x 1
  • Fixed Bracket Adhesive x 1
  • Metal Sheets x 1
  • Fixed Bracket x 1
  • Manual x 1


Notes to Users

  1. Please use a 5V adapter or power supply device to avoid potential damage or safety hazards.
  2. Avoid hanging or pressing other objects on the lamp to prevent damage.
  3. Clean the product regularly using a soft cotton cloth (powered off) and avoid using liquids or spray cleaners.
  4. Unplug the USB power supply or cut off power when not in use for an extended period.
  5. Do not disassemble the product privately; contact the company for repairs.
  6. Indoor use only.

Enhance your computing environment with the BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp—your perfect companion for eye-friendly, customizable illumination. Please consider actual sizes in the listing, and thanks for your understanding of potential slight differences due to manual measurement and production batches.

BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp
BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp
BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp
BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp
BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp
BlitzWolf Gamer RGB-LED Monitor Lamp

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