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Eufy Security SmartTrack Link: Your Ultimate Solution for Forgetfulness!

Say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced items with the Eufy Security SmartTrack Link. This smart tracking device ensures you never forget keys, bags, dolls, backpacks, luggage, and more. Explore the features, specifications, and packing list below.


Left-Behind Alarm: Keep forgetfulness at bay with a left-behind alarm that triggers if you accidentally walk away from your belongings.

Worldwide Tracking: Leverage the power of Apple’s Find My app to enjoy worldwide tracking capabilities. Instantly locate your items with the help of millions of Apple devices.

Find Silent Phones: On the eufy Security app, locate silent phones effortlessly. Even if your phone is in silent mode, a simple double-tap on SmartTrack will make it ring.

Lost and Found: Utilize the eufy Security app for a secure QR code link. If someone finds your lost item, they can contact you through your preferred contact method via the QR code.

Bluetooth Limitations Note: While Bluetooth connections have distance limitations, the link may be disconnected if the distance is too far. However, for Apple devices, you can use the ‘Find My’ network to locate your device even if it is out of Bluetooth range.


  • Certification: Apple Find My app and network certified
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (for connection) and Apple’s Find My network (for tracking)
  • GPS: No, SmartTrack reports its location through Apple’s Find My network
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Apple devices and the eufy Security app (Android compatible)


What is Apple Find My app and Find My network? Find My app is pre-installed on Apple devices, allowing you to locate Eufy SmartTrack via the Find My network. It’s a network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices to detect missing devices or items nearby and report their location.

Is SmartTrack certified by Apple? Yes, it is certified and works seamlessly with the Find My app and network.

Does it have GPS? No, SmartTrack connects to devices via Bluetooth and reports its location through Apple’s Find My network.

Can I use SmartTrack if I am an Android user? Yes, you can use it with the eufy Security app.

Packing List

  • Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

Experience the convenience of effortless tracking with the Eufy Security SmartTrack Link. Say goodbye to forgetfulness and keep your belongings secure. Invest in SmartTrack Link today!

Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

Eufy Security SmartTrack Link
Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

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19 reviews for Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

  1. O***i

    A useful piece I used for about a week I used Air tag of apple and has almost the same specifications + if the mobile lost I can contact him from the piece I have tried if lost in a same features. The voice of the piece is high enough to meet the purpose and needs to carry an application as you can connect from the piece to the mobile and appreciate the aspiration of the application (location) the delivery speed is good arrived about a week later + I paid for 15 SAR I asked for 4 pieces

  2. N***-

    It is very small, it is good, and very easy to customize.

  3. W***r

    Excellent, operation and alarm images are clear, but what supports precision finding unfortunately

  4. V***y

    It seems like everything is OK) I take it not for the first time here, I like everything)

  5. Customer

    It took only one week to reach Tanzania fromm China. This is wonderful, and it is working.

  6. E***s

    This is a legit and authentic item. I got it on the 11/11 sale. This is a fraction of the cost of an apple tag but work the same. Just a bit different with precision tacking but relatively the same. If you often just misplace items within some areas, then this is a great economical option. Setting it up was easy as well and am happy this one has a battery that can be replaced. Works 2-way, so it can also make my phone ring EVEN on silent. Note: the loop tag I have did not came from the box. It also do not come with any keychain ring.

  7. Customer

    Product exactly as informed, light and discreet, very fast delivery… Just don't have much information for installation on Android… more by downloading the app I managed to install… good now test!

  8. Customer

    I recommend it to everyone!. On Android it can only track up to 80 meters. By the iPhone network it can track anywhere

  9. G***m

    The product works very well and the delivery is very fast I recommend dealing with the store

  10. R***a

    Xlasna rich! Duge yakisno viconana. Instantly get into the iPhone through a dodlock locator. I recommend it. I will buy on the 100%

  11. M***e

    Arrived quickly to Oran after 15 days, very well packed, I even thought they got the item, the store is very serious, I highly recommend

  12. L***r

    It works in fetch Apple and even if I am far from the reach of it, if some iPhone or Apple Watch passes close already triangulates the information and updates on the map even though it is far from reach. I left him in the car that was in the parking lot and went to lunch at the restaurant and even away from the reach he updates the location when someone with an iPhone passes by. Great purchase!

  13. E***.

    Arrived quickly and safely and the product is one of the best but asked for a simple delivery fee

  14. H***m

    It is well packed, very small and delicate. The operation is only by Bluetooth. So tracking is right if you have around with cell phone

  15. G***a

    I liked it very much. Just need to test. But I'll definitely buy more.

  16. F***a

    Arrived very fast very well packed just did not use even more seems to be good. Great store recommend.

  17. E***e

    Excellent! It looks good of good quality of material, recommended 10/10 I still do not install it. It is as the images and it was very well packed, I will buy more. Came quickly to chili/Calama.

  18. G***v

    Vidmno pratsyu. Without trouble came into the locator. As such, it was not possible for the phone to send a sound signal to the track, but and navpaki. It was blowing, it was wearing an Anker.

  19. B***k

    Good. Took at a discount for $9 works perfectly like air tag. What I needed, thank you!

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